Sajjad Karim MEP has today emphasised the need for the European Union to fight discrimination against Muslim women in the workplace.

In a written question to the European Commission – also authored by MEPs Soraya Post, Malin Bjork, Terry Reintke & Angelika Mlinar – Dr Karim asked how the EU will continue to meet commitments to fight prejudice and reduce unemployment for Muslim women, following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on headscarves,

The March 2017 ruling that was issued went against two female employees who were both dismissed because they wore the headscarf.

Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels, the British MEP said:-

“Whilst the ruling of the ECJ must be respected, more must be done by the EU to ensure that Muslim women are not discriminated against in the workplace.

“This demographic already face some of the highest levels of discrimination and difficulties in accessing the labour market, so it is of the utmost importance that Muslim women are included.

“It is as vitally important too that employees can access their right to freedom of religion or belief, whilst also upholding the decision of the ECJ.”

The question also asked what specific measures the EU will take to ensure the inclusion of Muslim women in the workplace in line with the Employment Equality Directive and prevent the fact that this ruling will mainly only impact Muslim women.

Dr Karim is Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Anti-Racism & Diversity Intergroup and Chair of the Islamophobia Working Group within that.