Brussels,Press Conference 20-07-2017
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Press Conference, held in Europen Press Club Brussels Belgium,addressed BY JKLF Leaders,Masood Iqbal Mir,Sardar Nasim Iqbal Advocate,Shabir Ahmed Mirza,Mushtaq Hussan Diwan Ali,Ch Sharif and Others.
Since July 2016 , killings of innocent people in Kashmir Valley and parts of Jammu Kashmir  region, restricting freedom of movement,ban on internet,Social Media,No Religious Freedom,Using kashmiri Civilions as human Sheild,No political space for kashmiri political leadership and freedom of speech by use of brutal and lethal force against unarmed civilians who refuse to accept Indian rule in motherland Jammu Kashmir.Hunderds of  civilian protestors, including women and children, have been killed and injured in indiscriminate firing by occupation forces,unprecedented use of untested pellet guns continues, most of them are teenagers injured.Security forces enjoy special immunity against prosecution in J&K under the draconian laws PSA & AFSPA law since 1990.Indian army is using every possible weapon in counter resitance movement.
You are aware that Indian and pakistani forces on LOC, attack each others but victimes are kashmiri people on both sides of ceasefire line (LOC).
India and Pakistan are killing  innocent Kashmiries on both sides of LOC. Strikes raised the possibility of military escalation between the neighbors, that could wreck a 2003 Kashmir ceasefire.India and Pakistan evacuated people from villages within 5 km.The Chinese forces are also involed,after China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Chinese interest in Jammu Kashmir ,despite the fact that the three Nuclear powers India,Pakistan and China have fought wars and if “Kashmir issue” remains unresolved a Big war in inevitable.
Kashmiri Leader Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik and other freedom lover leaders and workers have been arrested time to time .And are held in the most inhuman conditions in prisons without allowing any visits or offering any medical help. Since July 2016 Yasin Malik was arrested many times, he was behind the bars for 180 days from July 2016 till July 2017.Yasin Malik has an acute heart blood-clotting condition,we fear for his life.We demand the immediate release of all prisoners in all parts of  jammu Kashmirm ,  we demand travelling abroad for medical treatement and also he should be provided travel documents to mee this family his (wife and daughter) who are living in Pakistan .We also demand United Nations to declare Yasin Malik as protected personality.
We are Kashmiri struggling for our freedom and our rights for many years but unfortuantely we have to suffer more and more.We are unfortunate nation which is divided in four parts.Our neighbouring states promised the Kashmiries to protect their lives ,their liberties, their dignity and make for our liberty .But did quite opposite to their promises. We have been deprived of our rights.  No one will disagree that the human rights violations are taking place in all parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit  Baltistan.The people of Kashmir have been suffering for more then half of the century and are in desperate need of justice and reunification of Jammu and Kashmir.
On behalf of Kashmiri dispora ,we  appeal to international community United Nations(UN),European Union(EU) international NGO’s, Amnesty international , Human rights watch , Asian watch , Red cross ,Intellectuals, writters, Human rights defenders ,peace loving nations and people of  world to give top priority to the issue of Kashmir. Human rights violation in Jammu Kashmir need urgent attention of world community.
We hope our neighbouring states show increase sense of reponsibility and examine the ground realities with the intrest of kashmiri people in mind and honour their commitments that people could determine their future. All neighbouring states need to review their respective stands on Kashmir and for the sake of peace and stability of the region make such change that a new era of peace and hormany could start.
We hope our neighbouring states play positive role for the integrity of  the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the changing global scenario of the 21st century.We demand our birth right ,unconditional and un limited right National Liberation of our Mother land Jammu Kashmir .According to UN Charter and withdraw of all foreign forces  from the all Jammu kashmir state Including Gilgit Baltistan and Aksaichin.
We also  demand the immediate release of all prisoners in Jammu Kashmir and  Gilgit Baltistan. We demand all black laws should be removed from  Azad Jammu Kashmir  Gilgit Baltistan and Indian held Jammu Kashmir.All the hurdles must be removed in the bilateral contacts between the people of Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.JKLF Europe Zone leadership strongly condemn the killing of innocent kashmiris and ask the international community especially Eurpean Union to send a fact finding mission to both parts of Kashmir ,who should investigate the crimes which are committed by Occupied Forces in both parts.
We Appeal to International Community United Nation, Human Rights Organisation European Union, including all human rights defenders, civil society, democratic forces of the region, journalists, media to put pressure on the Government of India  to stop colonial approach, act of harassment against Kashmiri pepole.We believe that a free, independent and secular democratic state is the only solution of Jammu Kashmir.
Issued by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front JKLF  Europe Zone.