MUMBAI: Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan is all set to make his new movie ‘Bharat’ a superhit flick; that is why, he intends to release it on Eid festival– that has worked as a good luck charm for him.

Despite the dismal ‘Tubelight’ this time, Salman Khan delivered back-to-back hits right from the career-redefining ‘Wanted’ in 2008 all released on Eid occasions.

According to Media report, Salman will star in and as ‘Bharat’, a film that will reunites him with his brother-in-law, former actor Atul Agnihotri, who had produced his hit ‘Bodyguard’, also an Eid release in 2011.

Atul confirms, “Bharat (is) a character that I thought would resonate with him. It’s a huge responsibility making a film with Salman as there are big expectations that come with the job.“

Salman will also be reuniting with Ali Abbas Zafar, who had directed Salman in ‘Sultan’ and is helming his current ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.

Atul decided not to direct the film himself but chose Ali. Atul said, “I feel I contribute better as a producer. Ali is a friend, I love his work and eventually it’s all about connecting with the source. If you speak to him, you will realise that Ali is far more passionate about the material.”

Khan’s new movie will be an official remake of 2014 South Korean drama ‘Ode To My Father.’

Atul said, “That film is just the starting point for ours, but since it was an inspiration, we wanted in all fairness to officially own it and acquired the remake rights before going ahead with Bharat.”

He added, “It starts in 1947 and ends in 2000 and is the journey of a country and also a person, both of whom go by the name of Bharat.“

He went on to say, “But I wasn’t sure I wanted to encash on Bodyguard 2 when I had an opportunity to make another film with Salman. I was looking for something bigger, something with more conviction. At the end of the day, Bodyguard was a formula film.

What was beautiful about it was the twist in the climax. Without that we would only be taking the character forward and rather than do that, I wanted to engage in something far more challenging and cinematic.”