ISLAMABAD: A wave of panic was swelled in the rank and files of PML(N) on the rumours of making Shahbaz Sharif Prime Minister after next general elections and  bringing Maryam Nawaz on the slot of Chief Minister Punjab after next general elections..

There is a possibility  for harmony among PML(N) leaders to keep Mariyam Nawaz away from the politics.

The ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agreed to make Shahabaz Sharif next Prime Minister , in case PML(N)would win next general elections ,on one condition that Mariyam Nawaz should be made Chief Minister Punjab.

These gossips are spreading day by day among the leadership of PML(N) that opened a new Pandora box .

In this connection a senior leader of PML(N) said that how it is possible that Mariyam Nawaz may become CM , and what about those workers who sacrificed for the party during last two decades.

“The post of Chief Minister giving to Mariyam is out of question and  senior leadership of the party even can not bear her on any other important slot”, he added.

Well placed sources in PML(N) told Online that Nawaz Sharif has been agreed to make Shabaz Sharif next Prime Minister as it is the only way to kepp the party united and if he(Shahbaz) would back out , then PML(N) would be divided into many factions.

The sources also said that with the arrival of 2018 general elections , as many as dozens of PML(N) parliament members are ready to join other parties..

On Monday(today) PML(N)’s chief Nawaz Sharif would preside  over a meeting of his close aides to discuss the point that if Mariyam might be given the responsibility of Prime Minister of te country, but he was advised to take the entire party leadership on board in this connection.