IMRAN BAIG 26 Feb, 2018

The breaking news of separation, by Baloch separatist and intellectual Dr Jumma Khan Marri, raised the eye brows of millions of people who have nodding acquaintance with so-called independence movement in Balochistan. He is son of legendary Baloch icon and former guerrilla commander Mir Hazar Khan Marri. He is on self-exile in Moscow since last two decades. He went to Moscow (Soviet Union) in 1986 for his higher education where he acquired his degree in Medicines at Russian State Medical University and later he obtained his Ph.D in Immunology and Allergies in 1998. He possesses huge following among Baloch diaspora residing in various countries of the world.

On 17 February 2018, he announced his alienation from Baloch Independence Movement in an event titled “Pakistan Unity Day” at Moscow. In his momentous speech, he vowed to expose evil designs of disgruntled personalities like Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri at all forums abroad, to bring back all misguided and innocent Baloch residing abroad on political asylum to mainstream and resolve their problems by peaceful dialogue and last but not the least he shared his intention to launch an organisation called “Overseas Pakistani Baloch Community” to counter ongoing free Balochistan Movement abroad. He also extended his invitation to renowned separatist Khan of Kalat for joining and supporting his organisation.

Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan by area that shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran, has become home to a low-level insurgency by ethnic Baloch separatists. In order to curb the wave of insurgency, Balochistan Reconciliation Process was started with amnesty package by former chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch that witnessed a good number of Baloch militants and their commanders surrendered before Balochistan government. The Baloch ferraris lamented that they had been misled by some elements to serve their personal agendas at the cost of poor people. On other hand, a flock of Baloch separatists flew to western hemisphere and sought asylum. They were sympathized, tamed and funded by contending countries for their vested interests. In order to defame Pakistan, they ushered campaign on cyberspace via Social Media, blogs etc to propagate false claims of human rights transgressions by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies and organized protests, demonstrations, conferences and seminars with loads of fabricated facts, figures and allegations pertaining to human rights violations in Balochistan.

The international mainstream media and investigative journalists have better idea that the Baloch separatists abroad are like empty vessels that merely make much noise because the facts in Balochistan draws entirely different picture. The country does not violate human rights but has always been endeavouring to uplift the social life of Balochs through development in Balochistan. Besides the development of Gwadar Deep Sea Port, the mega projects with estimated cost $ 45 billion entails at least sixteen projects which include construction of highways, power plants, LNG terminal and pipeline, Gwadar new international airport, safe water treatment plants, educational institutions and upgradation of hospitals. Besides, CPEC would start an era of development for Balochistan, providing the people with better life.

To sum up, the separation of Dr Jumma Khan Marri is crystal clear message for those self-exiled Baloch feudal lords who are being used by detractors of CPEC project, that it is still not too late to wake up from slumber and recognize the enemy who desires to weaken the roots of national integrity that leads to destabilization of their homeland. The defection of Dr Jumma Khan Marri is a big blow to so-called Baloch Independence Movement and raising of voice by Pakistani Baloch community against Indian sponsored Baloch disgruntled leadership, that too from Russian Federation is history in the making. The government of Pakistan, that expressed gigantic applaud to Dr Jumma Khan’s decision of separation, has showed good-will gesture and proved that the doors are always open for disgruntled Baloch sub-nationalist of Pakistan, no matter how much effort they made to tarnish the image of Pakistan. The international community also anticipates that the migratory birds will soon return to their homeland when the ice thaws and their return will revive national integrity and idealism like Phoenix’s rise from ashes to sky.