Brussels: Union Arab Nations (UAN) held an extra ordinary meeting here in Brussels on the occasion of notarisation of its  three newly established organisations.  UAN founder president His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi presided over the meeting of the board members of the three newly established organisations. During his address Prince Jamal Alnoaimi said “To generate the money to finance the organisations we have recently established Royal Family Holding, a group of company partners that include an Italian car manufacturing company  Vercarmodel”. He said that he has chosen this eco-friendly electric car industry with the purpose to protect the environment and to reserve 10-20% profits in humanity organisations. He said that as per planning the commercialization of this project has already started. In this regard Royal Family Holding has opened an Agency in Spain and negotiations are on with other partners to open agencies in several countries.

 The three Organisations registered in presence of a Notary are as:

1.       International Environment Protection Aegis (IEPA)

2.       International Family Affairs Organisation (UANIFA)

3.       Prince News Agency (PNA)

 Prince Jamal Alnoaimi also announced to establish the CD-Club, a non-profit organization that will address diplomatic, economic and social issues.