File photo of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed | Nadeem Malik - Twitter

File photo of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed | Nadeem Malik – Twitter

couple of days ago, my alter ego shared web links of alternative media sources called ” The Print” and ” The Quint” . The former is founded by indian journalist Shekar Gupta and the later is founded by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur. Undoubtedly, both media sources are notorious for publishing controversial news. The web links were about articles narrated by Uk based intellectual Ms Aysha Siddiqa and self exiled journalist Mr Taha Siddiqui who illogicallay censured appointment of new Director General of ISI Lt Gen Faiz Hameed.

The controversial articles were feable effort to create wedge between Civil – Military Relationship, fanning the deteriorating ethnic situation in Pakistan in the garb of criticizing ISI leadership rotation. The leadership rotation is a usual practice of ISI. It would be beyond exaggeration to say that ISI carries out leadership rotation focusing merit, dexterity and seniority of officers.

The articles of Ms Aysha Siddiqa and Mr Taha Siddiqui recalled me Jaipur Literature Festival 2019 that took place in Jaipur, India in which an exclusive session focused on book review of “Directorate S” authored by renowned author steve Coll who initially earned fame for authoring book ”Ghost Wars”. In that session, the Indian moderator was compelling the guest critics/ penalists to criticize the role of ISI’s Directorate S in Afghan war against Soviet Union.

Comparing the book review session in Jaipur Literature Festival 2019 with articles narrated by Mr Taha Siddiqui and Ms Aysha Siddiqa, it did not take me time to arrive at ultimate conclusion that Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) has actively indulged in 5th Generation Warfare through exploiting Pakistan origin journalists and intellectuals who are inclined towards progressive movement and call themselves liberals.

Dating back to political history of Pakistan, we can find numerous instances of Pakistan born progressive intellectuals, writers and journalists who blamed Pakistan Army for not confining to garrisons or defending land borders and undesirable involvement of ISI in political affairs of Pakistan. It was substaintially evident from aggressive attitude of progressive flock that they were being exploited, dictated and funded by Indian Intelligence agency to malign the image of Pakistan.

Again the old wine is being served in new bottles by India through exploiting intellectuals and journalists to critize Pakistan Army and ISI. Mr Taha Siddiqui and Ms Aisha Sidiqa both are writing for The Quint and The Print. It is ostensible from writings of Ms Aysha and Mr Taha that they have been taken on payroll to write against Pakistan Army and ISI.

Ms Aysha Siddiqa is a an active member and an effective tool to SAATH Forum headed by Mr Hussain Haqqani that is engage in harping trumpet of Indian narrative.
Previous month, my bossom friend and a freelance journalist based in Germany shared a mobile number for whatsapp group namely “The Quint” which disseminates controversial news updates / articles against Pakistan. It is assumed that some RAW official in cover of Indian diplomat is managing and handling this whatsapp group from Germany or some third country as a tool to create misconception against Pakistan.
Last but obviously not the least, Mr Taha Siddiqui and Ms Aysha Siddiqa should come forward on some forum to wash away their grievances and reservations against establishment of Pakistan and Pakistan Army, instead of being exploited by contenders of Pakistan who gain their own grounds through writings of intellectuals and journalists.