In addition to the National Kashmir Committee, the Kashmir Committee should be formed under the leadership of Prime Minister Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider, whose members should be from Srinagar, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan’s former Kashmiri Diplomats , ex Kashmiri military persons in Pakistan and representatives of Kashmiris living around the world. And for this purpose office should be set up for Kashmir Committee like Kashmir House in Islamabad.

Senior Freedom seeker Kashmiri Leader Altaf Ahmad Bhat has said that there cannot be an any better time for Liberation of Kashmir than today. Pakistan should initiate steps, Kashmiri Mothers and sons will kick the Indian Army out of Kashmir.

India originally imposed a curfew in Kashmir since 1989. Today, it is not a curfew but a lockdown that was implemented under a deliberate plot.
The aim was to destroy not only the Kashmir economy but also the future of Kashmiri youth and children

Kashmiris will not accept any partition plan or accept a solution that will be offered without their involvement. He expressed these views while addressing the inauguration of Kashmir desk at Islamabad National Press Club.

The notables including Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider, Afzal Butt, Anwar Raza, Shiraz Gardezi, Fida Kayani and Hundreds of people were present on the occasion.
Altaf Bhat further said that” There are stories in Kashmir that would open the eyes of the world if exposed and for this purpose, this centre is established here in Press Club.”

Today the future of Kashmiri children is being snatched away. Schools and colleges are closed for more than 133 days and Indian forces have taken shelter there, businesses have been destroyed and economy strangled.
My mother is 95 years old and I cannot speak to her. What could be crueller than this?

The dream we had for exposing Indian cruelty and provide the world with first-hand information about Kashmir has become a reality today.
When the Indian forces martyred Burhan Wani in Kashmir, press club was opened at 12 o’clock that night, and it was then noted that there must be a desk in the Press Club which could provide authentic information about Indian brutality in Kashmir. And these authentic stories could be published throughout the world.

The purpose of the desk is to expose India’s malicious face to the world. However, today we have succeeded in this goal and today I congratulate Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider, Afzal Butt, Secretary Press Club Anwar Raza and others.

Altaf Bhat said that”, it is known in Kashmir that there is a senior judge of a high court in Srinagar whose brother is a Supreme Court lawyer, their young children have taken up arms against Indian Oppressive and Malicious agenda’s.
Kashmiris cannot talk to their beloved relatives. I cannot speak to my family, my mother and other dear family members.

To date, no “human corridor” has been set up for Kashmir through which they can communicate with their loved ones. Radio is the only way to communicate, but Pakistan has not been able to broadcast any effective program on Kashmir over radio till date through which people of both countries could share their messages to their loved ones.
The purpose of this desk is to unveil the truth of the atrocities committed on Kashmir by India.

From this desk, international media around the world can also get information and run programs that aim to convince the world to increase their pressure on India over Kashmir.
How long will we wait?
We demand the government to form a Kashmir Committee and appoint Prime Minister Azad Kashmir as its Chairman, and this committee should include diplomats and ex-servicemen in the country to highlight the Kashmir problem in front of the world.

The atmosphere that has been developed after August 5 will not be available again – while we know how much brave Indian soldiers are.
Indian soldiers lose their senses by seeing Kashmiri Mujahideen in front of them. If Pakistan Army announces to go to Kashmir and people in occupied Kashmir find out that Pakistanis are coming to rescue them, then Kashmiri men, women, children and old will kick out Indian Army from Kashmir, and Indian soldiers will be forced to surrender.

If we do not fight today for occupied Kashmir and do not use force then the war that Pakistan will fight for water tomorrow will be costly.
If Pakistan’s future is to be protected then Kashmir will have to be liberated at all costs.
On this occasion, the Mushtaq Askari, Aqeel Tareen, Sardar Shaukat, Shiraz Gardezi, Sagheer Chaudhry, Aqeel Anjum, Nisar Ahmad, Sardar Azim, Sheikh Shabbir, Shafiq Butt, Omar Dar, Engineer, Hamad Mir, Qari Amjad Islam, Bashir Usmani, and Others were present