The closure phase is very important in the end of any massive incident. Closure phase is to ensure the loose end tied up properly and act upon accordingly. Concealment of any loophole at the time of closure leads towards catastrophe. At time when pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) is not yet diminished and the decision of lifting restriction instantly, due to Eid event, is not at all a wise decision. It is too early to lift up Coronavirus lockdown as the figure of affected people is increasing in different cities of Pakistan. Before that it was announced by the Government that smart lockdown will be enforced for some time but the situation is totally different. As we are stepping towards easement in lockdown the more cases have been reported in all cities of Pakistan. People are rushing towards markets, stations, and offices for their necessities and accelerating their business. World Health Organization (WHO) informed that lifting restriction instantaneously may cause resurgence of deadly virus (Covid-19).
It is an admitted fact the Pakistan is facing economic impact but it does not mean that Government can perform it single handedly. However, easement in lockdown can be carried out as the other countries are going to be practicing it in this particular week. At time 24,073 confirmed cases, 38 deaths has been reported in 24 HRS. Amidst the current situation, whilst lockdown is concluded and the risk of resurgence of corona virus is arising, people should be very clearer headed, informed and should have well defined roadmap in order to cope with corona virus which is breathing its last. People need to understand how they will have to behave and adhere strict implementing of standards operating procedure (SOPs).
Medical staff doctor and nurses should be well equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to face the consequences which will occurr after this easement in lockdown as the cases are continuously increasing. The nature of their job puts health care workers at an increased risk of catching this communicable disease as they spend lot of time close with the patient doing high risk activities including things like placing patient on ventilators and collecting samples of sputum from their lungs.
Administration must have contingency plans B or C if the situation is not up to the level as we have presumed that the peek is over and not yet to come again. But the imprtant question arises , that what government have planned to meet up the upcoming situation if become worsen, God forbid? What if the situation will be indifferent and untoward? If the government does not have any contingency plan than cautiously closure of lockdown and slowly welcoming is need of time. People should be well equipped before inflowing towards lockdown closures with all precautionary and safety measures. During the easement and smart lockdown the quick monitoring is crucial in order to detect, alert and report of cases. Emergency response teams or tiger force should be ready and active to handle the upcoming situation successfully. Federal Minister Hammad Azhar statement in this regard was encouraging that government will have strong monitoring mechanism during easement. May Allah give us strength to fruitfully overcome with this situation in this Holy month of Ramadan. (Ameen)