In the face of constant backlash and toxic media coverage, Meghan Markle has come out unscathed with her confidence peaking.

According to an expert, the Duchess of Sussex has reached a new level of confidence and power as suggested by her body language.

Judi James, body language expert believes the duchess’s latest keynote address at the Girl Up summit reflected how she has become more confident with herself ever since she left the royal family.

“Meghan’s delivery is deceptively subtle. This speech seems to show her at the peak of her confidence and inspirational power so far, but overall her tone is calm, measured, warm and encouraging, and even love at the end,” James told Mirror Online.

“Meghan’s body language seems to be the tool she uses to add emphasis and authenticity. There’s no shouting, anger or arm-waving here even though her verbal message is about challenging the norms and having ‘meaningful influence over the structures of power’, but the combination of her gestures, pauses, meaningful eye contact and elongated blinking make those words memorable,” said the expert.

“As an influencer for change, Meghan’s delivery seems geared to make her look more like a wise guru than an angry rebel,” she added.