Ever spotted a tourist in the city of lights and wondered what their visit would look like?

Think no more! Graphic designer and artist Assam Altaf just created Karachi’s first tourist attractions map, featuring 108 places including historical buildings, educational institutes, hospitals, amusement theme parks, beaches, resorts, parks, religious worship spaces, industrial and residential areas, business hubs; and even the port.

You can view the map in high-resolution here.

Recognised as the city of opportunities, Assam believes the map was complex to execute. He captured it best when he wrote, “Karachi Tourist Map was the most challenging map for me so far, because it has a mini country living inside.”

While it took him 7-8 visits to truly understand the essence of this city ((he’s originally from Lahore), Altaf wants to keep exploring the domestic tourism available here. Previously, he had also taken the initiative to draft a map of tourist attractions in Pakistan.

How many locations do you recognize? Tell us in the comment section below! And if you’re out to explore some new places, these guides could be a great resource.