Blowing the audience’s mind with a power-packed performance in Nescafe Basement’s Bol Hu, 8-year-old Hadiya’s vocals in collaboration with Soch The Band, won millions of hearts, even across the border.

Lauding the absolute masterpiece that it is, Sonu Nigam recently took to social media to reawaken the audience’s love. Jamming to the music at home, the Dil Dooba singer was all praises for the music.

“After so many days, something has touched my heart. Ooff, what a song, what lyrics, what composition!” he exclaimed. Feeling visibly overwhelmed, the singer couldn’t stop praising the work, the lyrics, the sound, and the final product that left him mesmerised.

He also confessed that the song was sent to him by Jaaved Jaafri, and today was the first time he listened to it carefully.

“I did not imagine that to this date, there would be a song that could have the potential to make you cry a river,” he said emotionally, sending prayers and best wishes to the little champ, Hadiya and Soch The Band.

Watching the video, Nescafe Basement producer Xulfi too, expressed his gratitude for the appreciation.

“I cannot imagine how encouraged Adnan, Rabi and Hadiya must be feeling right now. They will be even more determined to pursue their music dream,” the Dhadke Jia singer said.

“Another thing I really want to appreciate is the honest reaction from Sonu. We hardly see this sort of response anymore. He made the video while listening to the song. He gave such a beautiful message.”

With overwhelming love on both sides of the border, it’s evident art transgresses all boundaries, and we couldn’t be prouder of our shining stars!