BERLIN: European concerns grew on Thursday over spikes in coronavirus cases in Germany and France, but the World Health Organisation (WHO) said the continent should be able to fight the pandemic without reimposing full lockdown measures.

Germany, which has fared better than most of its neighbours, announced it would extend its quarantine rules to parts of Croatia, a popular holiday destination for many Germans, strengthening the idea that the new spread of Covid-19 is being fuelled by returning holidaymakers.

The full extent of the virus spread in India was once again under the microscope as a new study suggested that more than a quarter of Delhi’s 20 million people may have been infected without showing symptoms, following on the heels of several similar studies.

There was more encouraging data from Africa, where health officials said they were “hopeful” after a drop in the number of infections last week. “We have begun to bend the curve slowly… it’s important to recognize those slight tendencies that are positive,” said Dr. John Nkengasong, head of the African Union’s health body. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD

The continent has suffered far less harm than most other regions from the pandemic, which has now infected more than 22 million and killed hundreds of thousands since it first emerged in China late last year.

The United States continues to bear the brunt of global cases and deaths, and the economic fallout there has been stark — millions have been tossed out of their jobs and its economy has plunged into recession.